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Marketing Mia

 by Ivan Jenson

Marketing Mia book cover: drawing of pretty woman's face on a beige background with a blue stripe and red stripe

Some people you love to hate. Some people you hate to love. Alex fell in the second category. He was thirty-six years old and never had a job, and he didn't want one. He got by with his brother's financial support. He was a dreamer without a particular dream. He wanted money, fame, and power, and he wanted someone else to give it to him.

Alex was a loser, but he had a sense of humor that made him quite irresistible to others. He spun his odd, misguided views of the world with such excitement and cunning wordplay that people couldn't help but root for him to find the success he did nothing to get.

You could say that Alex had an easy life, but he didn't see it that way. His charmed life was filled with bouts of desperation and he was prone to episodes of frantic, manic self-pity. He was trapped in a self-made bubble of contradiction. He was creative but had no drive, egotistical yet had a low self-esteem, a chauvinist that envied beautiful women, and he desired compassion and acceptance but didn't believe in love.

Maybe Alex was spoiled. Maybe he was mentally ill. Maybe he was a genius. One thing for sure was that he wasn't immune to the challenges of life. Out of pure desperation, Alex finally set out to accomplish something. He set out to market Mia, a beautiful, untalented Swedish blonde.